By clicking “Proceed to Pay” you agree to pay the basic fares as per service providers fare structure, pay additional service fees applicable for making online transactions as charged by banks and payment gateway providers and pay any other fees (if applicable). You must provide valid credit/debit card information or valid net banking information for us to charge you for your purchase and for bookings to effectively take place. For any issues/concerns arising between you and your bank we do not claim any responsibility or liability. The issues/concerns are to be handled by you with your banks directly. All payments to be made in Indian National Rupees. Payments in other currencies will be considered invalid and will result in cancellation of transactions. No cancellation or refund of any sort is permitted once a co-working space is booked and payments are done as per policies directed by corporation(s).


Subject to the terms, laws, legal regulations and any other regulation, our responsibility only includes to provide a co-working space which we will be having. Any user providing incomplete or wrong details can/will be blocked from the system without any prior notice. We will be responsible for any loss due to such instances. Any malpractice by user to gain undue advantage of services provided or damage any part of the co-working space which may lead to our loss or corporation’s loss of any manner is punishable by law under appropriate law/legal sections. Our company, directors, employees, partners, or anyone else affiliated with our services will not be responsible for any sort of loss or damage of any nature to service providers or users.

These Terms are updated as of JUNE 29, 2018

REFUND, RETURN, AND CANCELLATION POLICIES These Terms are updated as of JUNE 29, 2018


There are no refunds or exchanges for rented spaces. Payment processors (Razorpay) and Vspaces Private Limited will not accept any return or refund request once the transaction is completed and the vacant space is issued.

CANCELLATION The cancellation on customized services are not allowed.

TRANSFER Co-working spaces are only valid to the registered user; cannot be transferred to others.